Some people are just jerks

“Stop thinking you’re a special casebecause someone was mean to you. It happens to everyone.”


I have read a lot this year about racism and sexism. It’s kind of a big deal, right? Definitely, if there is inherent, systematic, foundational racism (or sexism) ((or homophobia)) that is keeping certain races or genders (or sexual orientations) from accomplishing everything they could, that’s something that should be dealt with. If you read something exposing racism, and think, “That’s not racism,” then you’re being racist. Or privileged. Because you don’t understand. And I’m not black, so there is no way for me to ever known how it would feel to go to the store and be treated like a black person, or drive my car and be treated like a black person, or attend school and be treated like a black person. Because I’m not black. So I’ll never know. And that means, that as a white person, I have to accept and believe everything that is said…

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Feminism is Sexist.

I’m turning 23 next week, and it was only about eight years ago when I saw a significant change in my life.  Thank goodness, too.

I used to be a feminist.

Most people who know me personally would be pretty shocked.  Now, I call myself anti-feminist when only a short time ago I was that girl who thought every man was a chauvinist who couldn’t respect women and their rights.  I thought men wanted it to be like how it was in “the good ol days,” when women were in the kitchen and they were bringing home the bacon.  I was that someone who deplored even the thought of changing my last name when I got married: “I’m not his property!”

Of course we’re not their property.  This isn’t the 1800s.  But in high school, I didn’t understand how the real world worked.  I’d been indoctrinated from the time I moved to the States while the Bush v Gore election rolled on:

“Mom, what’s a Democrat?”

My liberal, Italian mother replied, “Someone who likes new ideas and adopting new ways of dealing with problems.”

Who doesn’t want to promote new ideas and acceptance?  Loser Republicans, that’s whom!  There it was: my feminism was born.

As years rolled by, I had discussions with my friends about women’s roles in society, as early as middle school.  I’d heard things my mom and dad told me, (“be yourself!” “you can do anything you put your mind to!” “you’re beautiful; don’t listen to others who bully you”) and I’d transformed them into feminism talking points before I even understood what that meant.

I didn’t need makeup to feel beautiful, I shouldn’t have to be thin to impress boys, I definitely didn’t need to look perfect to feel good about myself, and I could go to college to be whatever I wanted to be. #feminism!

But in high school, I started to understand things a little more.  During the 2008 presidential campaigns, I was too young to vote, but I was very into the process.  I tried discussing the Obama and Clinton campaigns with my peers, most of whom couldn’t care less (and probably still don’t), but before he became the nominee, I was obsessed with the Clinton campaign.  A female president?  Hell yeah!  It’s about time a female gets in that White House!  I even called my best friend sexist for not supporting Clinton.

As I started watching the news, however, things changed for me.  I wasn’t listening to my teachers anymore, and things my parents said weren’t clouded by my own irrational opinions.  Instead of talking, for the first time in my life, I listened.  

It was weird; hearing so much information that I’d never known about Clinton and Obama was hard for me.  These weren’t the progressive idols I thought they were.  Clinton wasn’t the feminist icon I’d loved and defended.  She was the woman who defended rapists (including child rapist Thomas Taylor) and made fun of their victims.  They didn’t support gay marriage.  Clinton had affiliations in the past that brought forward questions about racism.

What the hell was wrong with this woman I thought was my candidate?  Was this feminism?  Progressivism?  I didn’t want any part of it.

Oxford’s definition of feminism is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.”  Thanks Oxford, but today, that isn’t the case.  Women already have equal rights across the board.  

Women already, by law, make the same amount a man would in the same position.  However, the government and media claim women make $0.78 per dollar a man makes “on average.”  But they don’t tell you this “average” involves ALL jobs performed by both sexes.  Feminist professor and writer Christina Hoff Sommers explained it well in her article “Feminist Myths That Will Not Die”: “The bottom line: the 23-cent gender pay gap is simply the difference between the average earnings of all men and women working full-time. It does not account for differences in occupations, positions, education, job tenure or hours worked per week. When such relevant factors are considered, the wage gap narrows to the point of vanishing.”  

Hoff links to a report  from the US Department of Labor (the same government telling you there’s a gap) that states that “Women, especially working mothers, tend to value “family friendly” workplace policies more than men” and that “A greater percentage of women than men tend to work part-time. Part-time work tends to pay less than full-time work.”  While more women work as teachers or office assistants, more men work in construction or off-shore.

While reading about the issue of “equal rights” on, I read that most women don’t think they have equal rights because of the supposed pay gap.  So the pay gap that doesn’t exist is the main concern for equal rights?  There goes that feminist argument.

While perusing through the misinformation, I see an interesting comment: “women are the favoured gender in this society through affirmative action and discrimination against men.”  In my Human Resources and Businesses classes, I’ve found this to be accurate.  Civil Rights laws protect “minorities and women.”  The Equal Opportunity Commission works to force businesses to hire a certain number of women depending on how large the organization is, regardless of qualifications.  These quotas, however, only harm the company; employees who see gender quotas are less likely to apply for a job there, because both men and women see they place a higher importance on gender than merit.

Not only do women have the same rights as men, but they often have even more.  They get more opportunities for higher education and scholarships (how many men do you know who won a male-only scholarship?), and they have better chances to make up a workforce.

So if equal rights is what the feminists want, and we’ve already got it, what the hell is the point of feminism?

To answer this question, modern feminism (or some may call it third wave feminism) is about diminishing masculinity.  If a woman claims rape, not only is she to be automatically believed, the accused is to have his life destroyed, and if it’s discovered that she made everything up, it’s sexist to hold her accountable.  If women believe they should hold 50% or more of leadership positions, they should, merit be damned.  But when the question of actual oppression in other countries comes up, feminists remain quiet.

Modern feminism is about not shaving, #freeingthenipple, and a gender gap that doesn’t exist.  It’s about caricatures of non-traditional females such as hairy underarms and big ugly glasses.  It’s about voting for a woman for pubic office solely on the grounds that she is a woman.  It’s about calling an overweight woman “brave” because they aren’t the ideal of beauty but can still manage to take off their clothes.

Modern feminism is sexist BS.  


Silver Wire Ring

I recently began making jewelry to focus on some much-needed relaxation.  I showed a bunch of my friends at work, and some offered to buy some from me, so I decided to open an Etsy store.

blue bead ring

I’ll be adding more in the future, but please stop by my Etsy and take a look around! 🙂

Easy DIY Gold Chain Bracelet

Easy DIY Gold Chain BraceletI’ve been on this de-stress binge lately, so naturally, I have done lots of crafts. Apparently that includes jewelry. Anyway, I checked out this Youtube video by SarahBeautyCorner and I LOVED her idea for the last bracelet.

All you need is some needlework thread ($0.33 at Walmart), a needle, some chain ($2.97 at Walmart) and a gold clasp.

Easy DIY Gold Chain Bracelet

In order to get the right amount of thread, I measured it to be seven times the length of the chain. For each bracelet I made, this was just the right amount to have a little left over without wasting any thread.

Like in Sarah’s video, just feed the needle through the chain links until the bottom half of the link is covered. However, I used a cheap base coat from Dollar Tree to stick the thread to the bracelet; that way it wouldn’t move once I started to wear it. If you want to try this, apply a little bit of clear polish before you feed the thread through and hold thread on it for about ten seconds. I did this at the end of each link, and it really made a difference.

Easy DIY Gold Chain Bracelet

Once I perfected the technique, I made some for my friends.  If you have any questions, let me know!

Best Top Coat in the universe.

After years of manicuring my hands with expensive polish and having it chip off after two days, I decided to just spend money on Dollar Store polish and paint them regularly.  Then I learned that it was all about the top coat.

We ladies have spent so much money and energy and time and everything else on searching for the best top coat for our precious nails.

I’m here to save you that struggle.  You’re welcome.

Seche Vite!

Best Top Coat in the universe.

This thing is the most amazing nail polish I’ve ever used in my life.  I literally wear $1 polish most of the time (which is how I have so many colors), and I get a manicure that lasts throughout the week.

I typically give myself a full manicure every other week or every two weeks, but with Seche Vite, it looks like I’ve got a professional manicure.

The only con…

A lot of reviews talk about “shrinking” polish, so I wanted to address that.

Best Top Coat in the universe.

When I still have a wet coat of color polish, I apply a coat of Seche Vite to the ENTIRE nail.  A lot of people don’t coat the entire nail, but they don’t realize it until they use this polish because it’s thicker and breaks apart the color polish to ensure a thick, shiny coat.

Best Top Coat in the universe.

Even with my manicure this week (as seen above), there are obvious spots where I didn’t coat the side of my nail with the polish, but for the most part, it looks like a professional did my nails.

In case you were wondering, I clean my nails with 100% Acetone ($2.50 at Walmart) and an e.l.f. concealer brush ($1 at Walmart or Target).  Just dip the brush into acetone and wipe the excess polish from your skin and nails to create a clean finish.  I typically do this before I apply Seche Vite.  

You can grab a bottle for less than $5 on Amazon. You can buy it at Sally and CVS for a lot more.

DIY -Easy Scarf Organizer

I have a bunch of scarves and used to organize them with key rings and a hanger, but I hated how floppy and small it was, so I decided to try this out!

DIY -Easy Scarf Organizer

Since I already had yarn and an extra hanger, all I spent was $1 for a cooling rack from Dollar Tree.

DIY -Easy Scarf Organizer

Tie the rack to the hanger and that’s it!

DIY -Easy Scarf Organizer

It’s SO easy!  So far, I love it!  It holds WAY more scarves (my old one held 13 and I have more than that) and seems more stable.

DIY -Easy Scarf Organizer

Redbox – pay it forward!

As I’m scrolling through Facebook today, I saw this:


Can you imagine how amazing that would be?  To find free money in your Redbox movie?

Now imagine how awesome it would be to make that next person happy?  I can tell I’m growing up, because the idea of making someone else smile makes me smile!  I’m definitely doing this next time I get a Redbox rental.


My advice for college students.

The other day in class, I overheard a girl saying how terrified she was to be “in the real world” once she graduated. Interested in what she meant, I kept listening. She explained that she was scared that after college, she wouldn’t be able to find a job in her field and would get knocked on her ass pretty hard.

As I thought about it, I realized that college students generally don’t work while they go to school.  Some students take four classes to have full-time status while others take five or six classes a semester to get done as soon as possible.  On the other hand, I took four classes (once I took five and wanted to shoot myself in the foot) each semester while working part-time.  I’ve worked since I was seventeen and don’t know anything else.  I don’t know what I’d be like if I didn’t work!

Work and school are my life, but for most of my peers, they don’t know what the real world is like.  They are thousands of dollars in debt because of student loans and they’re not even sure that they can work to pay them off after they graduate.  Adults are spending their loans on school, but they’re also wasting it on housing, food, gas, clothing, and whatever else they need to survive, which all gets very expensive.  I can only imagine how terrified these adults are.

The “real world” isn’t as terrifying as it may seem, but so many students are completely unprepared for it.  Once I graduate, I have a full-time job waiting for me; I’ve been such a diligent worker for so long (I’m only 22 as of this writing, but a lot of my peers have never had any work experience) that my current workplace has offered me a job the second I graduate this year.  I’m blessed and lucky for the opportunity, but I also have worked my ass off for it.  I work at a law office, by the way.

So my advice to college students: if you’re scared of life after college or worried you won’t have something once you graduate, GET A JOB NOW.  Back off from taking six classes and use your experience in school to get a decent part-time job.  Tell them when you’re planning to graduate and let them know you’re excited to finish school so that you can become a real asset to them then.  Not only will they be thrilled to know you’re loyal enough to want to move up the chain, but they’ll respect that you want to finish your education and be very supportive of your choices and changing schedule.

The real world is only as bad as you make it out to be, so make good choices and make them sooner rather than later.  You’ll thank yourself for them.  Believe me.


Dollar Tree Savings – AcneFree Products!

I haven’t updated my site in a loooong time!  I got a new job and school’s been nuts, but hopefully I’ll be back more often to make more fun posts!

Anyway, I was making my rounds today at Dollar Tree to buy a few things when I stumbled upon two products that I knew I had to have:

AcneeFree Oil-Free Cleanser: $5.97 at Walmart

acne cleanser

AcneFree Astringent Toner Pad: $6.97 at Walmart.

acne pads

I haven’t use too many AcneFree products because I’m lazy and don’t care for acne prevention routines, but I cannot wait to try these out!