Easy DIY Gold Chain Bracelet

Easy DIY Gold Chain BraceletI’ve been on this de-stress binge lately, so naturally, I have done lots of crafts. Apparently that includes jewelry. Anyway, I checked out this Youtube video by SarahBeautyCorner and I LOVED her idea for the last bracelet.

All you need is some needlework thread ($0.33 at Walmart), a needle, some chain ($2.97 at Walmart) and a gold clasp.

Easy DIY Gold Chain Bracelet

In order to get the right amount of thread, I measured it to be seven times the length of the chain. For each bracelet I made, this was just the right amount to have a little left over without wasting any thread.

Like in Sarah’s video, just feed the needle through the chain links until the bottom half of the link is covered. However, I used a cheap base coat from Dollar Tree to stick the thread to the bracelet; that way it wouldn’t move once I started to wear it. If you want to try this, apply a little bit of clear polish before you feed the thread through and hold thread on it for about ten seconds. I did this at the end of each link, and it really made a difference.

Easy DIY Gold Chain Bracelet

Once I perfected the technique, I made some for my friends.  If you have any questions, let me know!


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