Book Review: The Tenth by Joanne Moudy

This is the first book I’m reviewing officially on my blog, and hopefully it won’t be the last.  I got The Tenth from Joanne Moudy herself, and she even signed it for me.  She’s a really sweet, wonderfully talented woman.  While will go into parts of the book vaguely, there will be no spoilers!

After seeing some reviews, I realized The Tenth was her first book.  Wait.  What?!  There’s no way!  It’s a highly intelligent, well put-together novel that is so easy to read.  I figured Moudy had been writing for years, which is probably true, but you know what I mean.  I couldn’t believe this was her first book.

The Tenth is a fast-paced thriller about faith.  The story centers around Elizabeth, a trauma nurse who has experienced great loss throughout her life and has given up her faith.  On a daily basis, she experiences dramatic situations that often end in death, so she believes that even if there is a God, he is uncaring and remorseless.  However, she soon experiences things that lead her toward God’s path and she slowly restores her faith in Him.

Some chapters focus on The Nine, a group of elder-esque beings in Heaven.  Joseph, the Sixth, discovers a darkness in one of the realms.  In my opinion, these are the chapters that make The Tenth a real thriller.  Readers don’t really know what is going on until later, when the two stories intertwine.  The supernaturality and spirituality weaving into the real world creates an interesting effect that kept me turning the page.

The story is really well written.  The characters are believable; while I was reading Elizabeth’s story, I found myself thinking, “When I wasn’t a Christian, I thought the same negative things, too.”  (Note: when I was a teenager, I did not believe in God.  I have since realized my own faith.)  They were well developed, and I found myself rooting for a lot of the characters trying to help Elizabeth, particularly Jackson.  In fact, I probably liked his character the most.

The medical scenes, by the way, are amazingly written, as they are vivid and wildly creative.  I often wondered if Moudy experienced them herself because of how specific they were.  I did cry during some parts (but don’t worry, I won’t tell you which ones!), and I found myself becoming attached to the characters more than I thought I would.

This is the first novel I have read that has such a prominent religious plot and setting, and I have to admit, I loved it.  The values set in this book are some that many, religious or not, should consider.  The Tenth is captivating and I would absolutely recommend it for all adults and young adults.  It’s eye-opening and could possibly be life-changing.

Buy The Tenth here!


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