DIY Ceramic Designs!

I go thrifting pretty often because thrift stores have the coolest things in them. I went there particularly to find some white plates to make something for my friend.

DIY Ceramic Designs

To make some pretty plates, what I did was printed out the “B,” put tape over the letter to make them stronger, then cut them out with an X-ACTO knife. I put double sided tape on the letter, placed it onto the plate, and finally traced it with a thin permanent marker. I removed the taped-on letter, then colored it in! To finish it off, I drew a little border around the edge.  If you mess up or want to fix up the design a little like I did, use a nail brush and acetone to clean up any edges.  It worked wonders!

Sidenote: It would probably be easier to use a sticker letter, but I like specific fonts and preferred to print one out myself and do the extra steps.  Either work though.

DIY Ceramic Designs
To make this permanent, all you have to do is put it in your oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. If you’re worried that something might happen (like I was) and your oven might get damaged at all, don’t worry!  It won’t hurt your oven, and the oven won’t hurt your dish.  Have fun!

DIY Ceramic Designs

NOTE: Make sure you only handwash your dishes!


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