Our Christmas Dinner!

We practice many Italian traditions in our house, and two of them are our meals on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  On Christmas Eve, my mom makes schiacciata (scah-cha-tah), which we eat at night, and then there’s our made-from-scratch macaroni with sugo on Christmas Day.  However, because we’re in a tiny apartment and didn’t have our tools or enough room to make macaroni, we elected to make gnocchi (ni-oh-kee).

Mom made her famous sugo with polpette, beef chunks, braciole, and sausage.  After letting the dough rise, she cut them into thick strips, then cut them again into quarter-sized cubes and rolled them onto a fork to get their special texture.  She has the actual tool to make gnocchi, but it (like everything!) is in storage.

Quite the treat for us on Christmas!  My mother is a champion cook, and I know I want to adopt every one of her skills in the kitchen!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and enjoys their New Year!


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