DIY Sock Bun!

A huge beauty trend right now is the sock bun, which I never thought would happen, considering I work with active duty.  Anyway, one of my friends bought the tool to create it, but that cost her like, ten bucks, so I decided I’d just make one from socks I bought at a dollar store.

All you’ll need: two socks and a pair of scissors!  

DIY Sock Bun
1. Cut the end of both socks.
2. Roll Sock #1 REALLY TIGHTLY into a donut.  The tighter, the better.
3. Put Sock #2 through the donut hole, and 4. wrap it around Sock #1 and continue rolling tightly!

DIY Sock Bun
There you go!  Your very own sock bun, and it’s so cheap and easy to make!  Make sure you get socks that are close to your hair color.  My bun is a little dark, so if you’ve got thin hair like me, you want  to match it as closely as possible.


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