So much excitement in the next five months!

Since yesterday’s yogurt covered granola was a complete bust, I have no recipe to share with you guys today.  Instead, I decided to talk about how excited for the next few months to come as quickly as possible.

First, I’ll be getting my Associate degree in December.  I’ve been working towards this since my third year in high school when I took dual enrollment classes!  I cannot wait to get my degree and use it to get a decent job.  A bunch of banks are going to be opening up here soon, so I really want to get my foot in the door through that route; heck, I’d even like my boyfriend to get a job there, too.

I used to want to be a college professor; I’m horrible with children and snarky with teenagers, so I figured I’d be a professor at college while/after getting a Master’s degree.  Now I just want to apply my knowledge in different ways, but I’ll probably end up getting my teaching certificate one day.

Also happening before the end of the year is (hopefully) the finished creation of my new home!  I’m still working a not-so-awesome job that was damaged severely by the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), so unless I were to quit school completely and get a second job, which is NOT going to happen because I want my frickin’ degrees(!), I’m still living with my amazing parents.  My parents decided that because I’m getting closer to moving out and beginning my family with my boyfriend, they wanted to spend their saved money on a BEAUTIFUL home that would be big enough for my sister’s and my families.  I’m very thrilled because I’m going to help decorate the house with my mom with my personal artwork and photography, but I’m also going to help her pick furniture and other things to spice up what will be a gorgeous home!

The construction is already underway, and it’s going quite quickly.  Just two weeks ago there was no foundation, and now they’re already this far:

When we were leaving, they’d already started on the roof, and I wish I got pictures, but it was really hot and my mom was starving, so we bolted pretty quickly.  I’ll be seeing Sunday’s progress, and I might add a new picture if the roof’s up!  I can’t wait!

Now, all I need is for my boyfriend to move down here and we will be good to go!

Have a good day 🙂


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